Welcome to my blog, I’m glad you are here! I invite you all into this place with me, as I smile, laugh, cry, and explore the different experiences in life. It is my prayer that as you read, you can relate and connect with me, and never feel alone!

Destinee ❤️

Destinee ❤️

Surrounded by fear

But love is in you

I see your heart clearly

But you’re looking for glue

You fought with life

An angel with scars

God blessed you but

He said life will be hard

You were made with love

Created with excellence

Molded with personality then

Wrapped with beautiful bliss

An opportunity was bestowed

Upon me with instructions

Give this woman your all and

Deny all that’ll interrupt it

You’re all I want is what I

Preach to you faithfully

Just as much as I tell you

I will show you this faithfully

I know it will take time so I’ll

Take my time to do it right

A lot of uncertainty in my future

But I know I want you in my life