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Summer Tea

Summer Tea

I resigned, was fired, and have lived my best life all in the course of 2 months… Whew Chile’ The Ghetto!

So here’s the tea. Summer courses in grad school should be illegal af! I mean, I knew I was going to make it out alive, but geesh, I was not expecting to be hit as hard as I was. Needless to say… Ya girl finished the semester with A BANG! While taking classes, I managed to balance working as well. As you all may know based on my previous post, I held a job at a Domestic Violence Shelter. Due to being hired on as a full-time Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), I sadly but gladly resigned.

About this GRA~ So this year I applied to an assistantship position, and despite me not having all of the required research experience, I was hired for the job! I was so excited. This position would allow me to have my tuition paid off for the remainder of my time in school and I would get amazing experience in grant writing and research.  What better opportunity than this one, right? Well, here I am, after being thrown into the wolves with very little training to help me, I HATED the position. My supervisor and I did not communicate well, he had an issue with my military obligations, and I noticed that after picking up all of these new responsibilities, I WAS ON EDGE - LITERALLY! PRESSED AND STRESSED Y’ALL!

I hadn’t even been in this position for a whole month, but I dreaded going in to work. I thought about sticking it through- I’d be stupid to quit a job paying $31K worth of money for my tuition. I was having trouble balancing this work and my school work, not to mention in the spring I’d be completing assistantship hours on top of balancing 40 hr work weeks for my internship. 

So I listened to my body and I decided to quit my job. But before I could send off my “professionalized, I quit” email (my resignation letter)... I WAS FIRED!!! Yes y’all, he fired me! This man BEAT ME to the freakin punch! But to be honest, I think it may be good that things played out this way! (I won’t go into details with this part, but let’s just pray for the best!)

So I know what y’all are thinking… “But sis, what about that tuition?” Chiiiile, I have so much faith that God will make a way out of no way. If I accumulate a little bit of debt at the cost of keeping my sanity and peace of mind, so be it! 

The best part about all of this foolishness is I was fired on the first day of my summer vacation!! And Y’ALL! Let me tell you how much weight was lifted off my shoulders! I was with one of my good friends at the time and we were travelling halfway across the country together and NOTHING was going to kill my excitement!

So there I was, satisfied with making straight A’s after taking several punches this semesters, jobless, and traveling across the country with my good ol’ friend, and AT PEACE! Wow! Who would’ve known getting fired could bring you so much PEACE!

So there you have it! There’s the Summer Tea!

As always… Love, Amber!

Genuine Concern: Domestic Violence Victims

Genuine Concern: Domestic Violence Victims